Hello world by Azker M

Hello world! is a common word phrase that is widely seen in most computer programming languages. These two famous words are used to project a working prototype using many given programming languages. For a programmer, this is pretty much the starting of his/her coding era. In face WordPress creates a sample post with the word “Hello world!” just to show off its framework is established successfully and working. I delete this soon after the blog is ready for public view but I just told myself “Hey! why not leave it this time”. 😀


Now, you might be wondering what exactly am I talking about and why would I explains about programming language… etc. Well! I’m a technology nerd and I can’t help it. This post is the very first and I just wanted this to be floating around even though it doesn’t make any sense to any of you.. 😀

In summary, I’m Azker and I’m a technology professional, geek and a blogger. I go by the name “azkerm” in social media streams creating a unique identity for my self. I’m going to write anything and everything that make sense to me and makes me happy. And I trust some of the post might help you in general as well. For any professional technology posts, I suggest you visit my blog GeekLK for exploring.

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