About Me

Name: Azker Mohamed
Date of Birth: N/A
Lives In: Malé, Maldives
Email: hello@azker.me
Website: azker.me


I just realized I’m single no more and the women I gave my heart to is a fine-ass ninja who protects me.  People often call me “azky” or “asky”, maybe because it sounds cool but don’t ask me why. I live in the capital city of Maldives coordinating projects while overseeing a bunch of amazing resorts and yes, of course chilling.

I know my writing is not the best of your interest but I ensure you that myself is a good company to hangout. I often write anything here, that concerns me and are merely my personal view. But to spice things up, I occasionally write at GeekLK, a tech blog explained in simplified English.

I prefer football over any other sports. Also, I love minions & pop-corn so much, so does my wife!


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Hostpitality/Tourism (IT)93%
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Linux & Security75%
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