About Me

Name: Azker Mohamed
Date of Birth: N/A
Lives In: Malé, Maldives
Email: hello@azker.me
Website: azker.me


A lonely being living in the Republic of Maldives far away from the pearl of Indian ocean.

Happens to be a Telecom nomad moved towards networking who’s now into hospitality IT with Resort developing exposure. An open-source fanatic, a geek and indeed a minion fan. I prefer football & popcorn ^_^

I often write at GeekLK, a tech blog where I compose technological challenges with proven practices. I have also co-founded Aqurex Technologies, a creative technology solution body who’s allowing users to benefit expensive solutions for an affordable value.


90 Complete
Linux & Security90%
90 Complete
60 Complete
Hostpitality/Tourism (IT)80%
80 Complete