[Personal] Visit to Singapore – My Experience

Many of us love traveling and Singapore may have been the first tick off your bucked list of countries. Singapore, one of the highly developed countries which in fact holds the strongest economy and passport. My visit to Singapore was as short as 5 days and I lived every momentum. The extreme happiness made me 


What its like to be surrounded by Technology

We are living in a world where technology is a key component adopting our daily lives. From an ordinary wake-up alarm to an enormous Air space, technology leads first. Visualizing a world without technology would lead to a chaos. Gone are those days when our childhood was so simple playing with the nature given gifts which now turned into Wii’s 


Hello world by Azker M

Hello world! is a common word phrase that is widely seen in most computer programming languages. These two famous words are used to project a working prototype using many given programming languages. For a programmer, this is pretty much the starting of his/her coding era. In face WordPress creates a sample post with the word